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Homage - Long Sleeve

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The year was 1975 and we were painting vans, lots, and lots of custom vans. While the west coast was going off the wall in empty pools, we were busy slinging paint in a 2-car garage. That was our freedom of expression! No, this wasn’t sunny southern California. This was Kenosha, Wisconsin, where we helped usher in a new rebellious culture. A culture heavily rooted in an individual’s desire to go against the grain, to stand out from the crowd, and to express themselves in a creative and artistic way the likes no one has seen before.  We were the renaissance men and women of vehicle customization!  A title we have stood behind for the past 48 years. Sure, a lot has changed since then.  We may no longer be in a small 2 car garage, and the only vans seen in the shop these days are the ones on our feet.  However, no matter how much time passes one thing remains constant. That is our unrelenting pursuit to champion the desire for every individual customers need for the freedom of personal expression!  

Help us pay homage by picking up a long sleeve in High-Back Black with Blue Steel graphics.